Onsite Balancing Services

Precision Balancing Company, Inc. also offers convenient, onsite balancing services.

Our onsite balancing services (in-place or field balancing) are great for several applications. We cover Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and other nearby states with this service.

Onsite balancing services, when possible, saves the time and the expense of removing the part and shipping it to our facility. We utilize the latest, certified, portable balancing instruments available to perform our In-Place service.

Remember, regular balancing: increases the life and the efficiency of all of your rotating equipment, reduces noise, increases bearing life, and helps reduce overall downtime for your equipment.

  • Lathe Fixtures
  • Specialty Chucks
  • Fans
  • Grinding Equipment
  • Blower Assemblies
  • Dynos
  • Agricultural
  • Other Specialty Applications

Give us a call at 317-639-2712 or contact us at service@precisionbalance.com to discuss your current application.petelogo