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Precision Balancing Company, Inc. is your one-stop balancing services shop.

Onsite Balancing Services

We offer convenient, in-place (field) balancing for some applications. We cover Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and other nearby states with this service

Balancing Machine Calibration & Certification

We provide both calibration and certification services for our customers’ balancing machines.

Balancing Machine Electronic Upgrades

We specialize in upgrading your balancing machines’ electronics package.

Balancing Machine Repair & Service

We provide on-site and in-house service and repair options for all of your balancing machines, regardless of age.

Balancing Machine Parts & Electronics

We have a wide variety of balancing machine parts, both new and used, available for sale.

V-Twin Balancing

We balance all things V-Twin including Flywheels, connecting rods, pistons and rings.

Balancing Technician Training

We offer on-site training tailored to your specific balancing needs. We train operators on all makes and models of balancing machines, regardless of age.

Portable Balancing Equipment

We also offer repair and calibration services for your portable balancing equipment.petelogo